SHINE Offering 2023

Fighting for families;
fighting for the next generation.

Thank you so much for you generosity in 2022/2023!

Together we raised:

We know that God will use your generosity to impact families and impact the next generation!


We have begun construction and improvements on our East location Kids area and updates will be coming too!

We’ve also purchased 2 vans to help transport and empower our students!

More updates will be coming soon!

See what we did in 2022:

The plan for 2023:

As we thought and prayed about where God would have us make an impact in 2023, we kept coming back to the idea of families.

God designed the family and it serves as the building block of society. As we look at the challenges in our culture today, it’s clear that healthy families are under attack. 

As a church community, it’s time for us to step up. We are called to come alongside individuals and families to strengthen and empower them. This is why we aim to create a foundation that can withstand the pressures of our world by sharing the love of Jesus and Christian values to the next generation. Our kids need clear and understandable teaching about Jesus and the foundations of faith. Students in our community need to be better connected to weekly gatherings and serving opportunities. Finally, our parents need to be empowered and equipped to lead strong families who love Jesus and will last a lifetime.

When you look at your kids, grandkids, or maybe even great-grandkids, we hope this desire resonates with you and excites you. This task won’t be easy, but together we can answer the call and conquer the obstacles in front of us.

Join us as we shine the love of Jesus over families this year.

How will we accomplish this?

Through 3 areas:

We pour into our kids each weekend through our amazing kids areas and volunteers. We are very grateful for what we have, but recently we’ve been experiencing some obstacles:

Our nursery area at the West Location is at max capacity. Due to the growing number of families in our church, our nursery room is consistently out of space. It’s time to expand and invest in this space.

At our East Location, we are blessed by a versatile and spacious elementary room. However, due to the size and temporary nature of the contents, our elementary teachers are struggling to be heard, manage classroom behavior, and teach with clarity. We want to empower our volunteers with a more practical controlled space that will allow them to instill the christian values our kids need to hear, free of distractions. Through some simple upgrades, we can not only make this area more engaging and enjoyable for our kids, but also more practical for our teachers.

We need to build some structures and classrooms to give our kids the best opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Our student ministry needs help with transportation. Each week there are students who want to attend services but aren’t able to get to our locations because of lack of reliable transportation. Other students are willing and waiting to serve our community through things like “Saturday Serve” but face the same issue.

Last summer we were blessed to send over 100 students to camp. Despite having the money to attend, they almost didn’t make it because of a lack of bus companies in our region.

These are just a few examples of the difference transportation can make.

To solve this, it’s time to invest in our own 15 passenger vans so we can best serve the students in our community.

We need to buy 2 vehicles that will help get students where they need to be.

Workshops and special events have been incredibly useful over the past few years as ways to equip and resource parents. Whether it was our Parenting Workshop, Marriage Night, Men’s and Women’s retreats or other events, we’ve seen a hunger for these types of resources.

We want to invest in more frequent and more extensive workshops, retreats and events so we can pour into parents as they pour into their family.

This is a practical way we can walk alongside parents to help them build strong marriages and families.