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If you’re ready to discover a deliberate and fulfilling relationship with God, it’s time to ask what your individual role is when it comes to living out your faith. Join David and Katy Kinnan as they share personal stories of their own and as well as others. Drawing from their own experience along with insights from the Bible, David and Katy will encourage you and challenge you. The life you were meant to live starts with getting Off the Fence and letting God transform you in unimaginable ways! Tune in today!

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NEXT with Chris and Todd

Join Pastor Chris and Pastor Todd as they answer what’s NEXT in your walk of faith. With each episode, they take you deeper into everyday issues to help deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Join in each week as we are challenged to become more like him as we explore the Bible and his teachings together.

Exhale: Wind Down with God

Fountain Springs Students presents Exhale: Wind down with God. Exhale is a podcast to help you focus on God and wind down at the end of your day, when you’re overthinking or when you find you are full of thoughts. Through breathing, prayer, and The Bible, you can focus on God, redirect your thoughts, and settle your spirit. Exhale is a great tool to help you relax before bed and restfully sleep while focusing on the Lord and scripture.