Prayer Requests

Public Requests

Pray for those in our community that are sick

Pray for teenage daughter, Taytum that she does not lose her way and remain in God’s presence

Marlo – pray for a better vehicle transmission is going out! Pray for my eyes are tired I can’t drive at night time anymore and for blessings in life in general. Pray for more energy, I’m always tired

Pray for baby Kinsley going on 8 weeks in NICU. Pray for my son Jared who has covid. Pray for my friend Linda who is showing signs of early onset Parkinsons

Spencer – Prayer for all the loving fathers separated from their children and suffering from a broken heart.

Lavonne – Please continue to pray for our daughter, McKayla. She is in a relationship with a guy who is controlling and manipulating her. He has turned her against us and she is making bad choices. We ask for prayers for her safety and for her to come back to the Lord….

Tim – His daughter Elaine who is at the end of her pregnancy and is at OB triage currently. They don’t know if she has covid again or if there is something else medially happening. Tim is asking for prayers for her and her baby. Her previous pregnancies were difficult also.

Kim (submitted 1/28) – We are in the ER for an injury my husband had today at work. They said he may need emergency surgery tonight. If not, he will still be scheduling surgery very soon. Please pray it isn’t an emergency and that either way it all goes well and he has a full recovery. Thank you and God Bless.

Cassidy – Pray for Tina – for God to soften her heart and help her family situation

Laurie – stresses about Covid and work restrictions

Hunter – Justice’s roommate – in serious condition in the hospital after a 3-story fall

Claire – starting at a new HS – pray for smooth transition

Haley – considering a move overseas

Killian – 4-year-old dealing with hearing loss – praise that he is able to get a cochlear implant way sooner than is usual and pray for his mental health as he is so isolated due to not hearing now. Implant scheduled in March – but can’t be turned on for about 3 months. Pray for family – 3 young kids and one on the way.

Pray for Donna niece’s husband has stage 4 cancer

Men’s Retreat- Pray that this doesn’t come just another event…may it be catalytic moment for many guys that pushes them to take steps closer to God

Cara – My neighbor’s dad has an infection in his stents and had to have an aorta replacement and is very touch and go. Flown to Mayo.

Kathy – friend in hospital with complications from Covid

Heather – mother recovering from covid

Linda – nephew has covid again and also diagnosed with Crohn’s

Guy – A friend of ours got diagnosed with cancer and has to start chemotherapy.

Kim – I am in the Air Force, my husband and I will be moving to Rapid City in March. Please pray for our transition. Also, my husband is struggling with his faith. Lots of doubts and questions. Please pray for him, his name is Arash.

Heather – My son Braden who is battling issues with mental health and alcohol abuse. Also for Jeremiah and I to provide the love and support he needs to get through all of this without enabling him.

Marlo Z – Pray for me for help with money and a Christian lady = love. Also my loneliness.

Pray for Cullen

Chris – Uncle John passed away this morning (Jan 31)

Josh and Christie – 20-week appointment today (Jan 31)

Cassidy – Last week of student teaching, pray for her impact on students

Marguerite, friend of Laurie’s, just retired and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doesn’t believe in Jesus, pray for her heart to be opened to faith in God, and that God would bring people around her to show her Jesus and use Laurie as he desires

David – Mom travelling to MN for surgery on hips

Victoria, Suz’s oldest daughter, awaiting work on PA Internship Placement – patience and guidance

Leigha’s Nephew – 4 yr old Killian – dealing with hearing loss, pray for wisdom for parents & medical team as they navigate next steps

Liz – Trip to Costa Rica

Ricky – pray for the changes that are coming for his job. Pray they would fit well for him and his family

Pray for Liz who is battling stage 4 breast cancer

Tammy – pray for her brother Jay

Pray for Tammy’s friend who is having complications after surgery

Prayers from Penny for her friend’s son who needs lots of prayers. The fathers are highly narcissistic and controlling. They come across all sweet loving words, but then are verbally, emotionally and even financially abusive. I watched my ex-daughter-in-law similarly. So hard to watch… and dangerous

Marlo Z – Pray for better place to live. Living in a motel after Monica. Pray for better job/insurance better vehicle, transmission going out.

Ramona – her son Evan passed away

Javon – has ADHD and will be starting medication soon (hopefully). He’s hoping it won’t change him at all and is struggling with the idea of having to be on medication.

Pray for Amber and her brother who is in prison

Melanie – My mom’s been in the hospital since Thursday and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her today they moved her to critical care And now tonight they’re life flighting or to Fargo North Dakota Is for a brain bleed and brain swelling.

Calvin – at home recovering from Covid, recovery has been slow. My best friend Richard is in the hospital with end-stage lung cancer – pray that he accepts Jesus into his life before he passes away.

Amber K – for my mother that her health improves and for my husband

Kaleb – My family and my wife’s family. I lost both of my grandmothers 10 days apart around Christmas. My wife’s grandfather is not doing well and could go at any time. Pray for our families as we have had much hurt recently. Thank you for your prayers.

Megan – pray for Norman

Bethany – Please pray for faith, freedom, and deliverance in the name of Jesus. Pray God mightily make a way.

Kirstyn – Please help say a prayer for myself and family that we all continue to stay healthy.

Cathee – Addie is trained, Thatcher was born a month early on Sunday morning – Mom & Baby doing great

Cassidy – Praising God for an answer to prayer – a long term subbing position in a school & class she student taught in. So excited for how God provided – Pray for a fellow church member that has fallen back into drinking

Anna – will hear this week if husband, John, qualifies for a double lung transplant – praying for God’s will

Cara – she will be in surgery this morning on her knee

Carmen has covid

Jack passed away last week (90 years old), his funeral is on Wednesday

Pray for Rob

Marriages that have been struggling

Kim – coming home after cancer surgery – pray for recovery and end of cancer

Arlen will be returning from Deployment Wednesday

Cassidy – about to graduate, peace and guidance through job search in education

Dave – praise for happy and healthy family

Kayla – pray for Arlen’s safe return home by the end of January

Alec – financial stability and peace in transitions

Tate – many in his office are out with Covid

Deb – family needs Jesus – pray for their faith and how God would use her

Leigha – continued prayers for mom’s health – praise that dad made it through a health scare (had a hemorrhage that he was hospitalized for and they were able to find and stop – back home)

Beki – Mom was hospitalized and now needs significant home care – seeking an assisted living option – but Beki is taking on responsibility of cares until something else can be found – pray for endurance and peace and good solution

Tabitha – has covid and it’s taking a toll physically and mentally. She is already struggling with depression. Asking for prayers from the groups.

Kim – went to Mayo Clinic and is still diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Going into surgery on Friday for thyroid removal and some lymph node removal.

Pray for Josh – he is a 20 yr old with Downs and he is on the ventilator and needing strength and recover. Pray for comfort for the family

Pam’s cousins – Jackie and Vickie both battling cancer

Pray for Linda – she needs healing for her colon

Kim – Eye Appointment on Wednesday.

Anonymous – I pray that we will finalize our adoption in 2022

Anonymous – my friends are in a time of need

Anonymous – Everyone will make good decisions and that more people will become Christians.

Joshua – Guidance in the next step in life

Christine – A close friend recently lost his vision in his right eye. Please pray that God will restore his sight.

Chris – Uncle Tim in rehab facility, learning to walk again. Uncle John in Hospice

Carina – Uncle Cliff – having spinal surgery to fix neck issues today (Monday)

Pray for Collin’s family. Collin committed suicide, funeral is this week

Pray for Hunsaker family

Shawn – My father just got admitted into the hospital and I’m trying to deal with my divorce from my wife

Jan – Loss of a friend from a heart attack at 37. His wife Melissa and children Brecken and Austin will be struggling. Also, a couple from my small group, Grary and Juel are in the hospital with Covid.

Arlene – My husband has filed for divorce and I would like prayer to heal him and our marriage.

Randy – Pray for Sara Jane

Cindy – Pray for Gary

LaVonne and Darlan – Please continue to pray for our daughter, McKayla. She is in a relationship with a guy who is controlling and manipulating her. He has turned her against us and she is making bad choices. We ask for prayers for her safety and for her to come back to the Lord. Thank you

Melissa K – Healing, strength and comfort for my brother Derek who was admitted early this morning with double pneumonia.

Melissa H – Sobriety

Kat – We have four children, two of which are struggling. We are praying for peace. For them. For ourselves. Please pray for our family. Thank you.

Kimberly (online) – Recently lost job with Black Hills Hospital, now diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her and family would appreciate prayers and prayers as they navigate a second opinion to understand how to go forward. Update: working on going to Mayo

Anndee Rose (online) – prayers to be with daughters during Christmas.

Rebecca & Family (online) – prayers for the family’s adjustment as the just moved to rapid from Oregon and are now away from family

Jacqueline & her daughter’s family (online) – Jacqueline who is still struggling with loss of her husband and prayers for her son-in-law who had a mini stroke

Amanda (online) – boyfriend lost job, struggling with finances and struggling with getting visitation and communication with kids

Alissa – my sister, she just found out she’s pregnant

Anonymous – Dear Lord, Guide my hands, my heart, my mind and soul at all times. Amen – G

Anonymous – My grown sons to come back to the Lord

Leigha – 4 yr old grandnephew, Killian, was born with an ear disease and has had hearing in only one ear where he wore a hearing aid. In the past few weeks, he hasn’t been able to hear in that ear, and that was confirmed by an audiologist this week. They are hoping it’s an inflammation in the middle ear, so they put him on strong medicine because the only other way to check for that is an MRI and he’s too young to do that procedure awake. He woke up this morning hallucinating really bad and they think it may be the meds. His parents are scared, and they need prayer

Dorch Family – Praise that Brian has had minimal pain; Will & Katherine are healing from being sick and meals have been delivered. Pray for continued reliance on God as we take each day one day at a time. For new friends for all of us & quick connection with a General Practitioner as Brian will need an appt right away. Plan to be in Rapid on Dec 30th

Lindsey – Brandon he is fighting for his life in the COVID ICU in rapid city. He is currently on a ventilator as of Wednesday night and since then has gone into kidney failure. Please pray for his kidneys to turn around and for him to produce enough oxygen on his own to be taken off the vent. Please also include his wife Sam and the rest of his family. This man is a great guy and he’s young and healthy. He’s a great family friend and we are all to lose him. Thank you

Marlo – Pray for Monica and me. Fix our problems, she says im family, but its not the same as being a couple. God lead me to her for a reason. What is the reason. Pray for Monica and Mysha and my family and friends back in North Dakota. Pray for my health, my left leg is turning outward making it hard to walk.

Anonymous – Healing for Carmen. His lungs collapsed, his kidney transplant is failing due to medication, and he is in a medically induced coma.

Anonymous – The lord place his hands, blessings, and give guidance to Mike, Jewlee, Wanda, and Matt as they move forward on Kevin estate due to his sudden passing.

Chris – uncle Tim in the hospital with Covid. Blood clots are starting to form

Chris – uncle John is in hospice

Gary and Jewel – in the hospital.

Kim – Having eye problems due to glaucoma. Lost partial vision in one eye.

Christie – going through chemo for the next 7 weeks, switched to watching online

Cara – needing surgery at the beginning of the year

Kim – Jeff’s mom who is going to be moving and living with them – prayers for the family as they transition

Mayfield & West Kentucky Region as they recover from the tornado damage and heal from the loss of life there.

Cindy – Gary has a growth on his neck, and it is affecting his vocal cords.

Rhonda Cox (submitted 12/7/21)- My daughter Sloane. She is having some dental work done this morning and will be under anesthesia. Mom and dad are a nervous wreck.

Tammy – pray for her job situation

Heather – pray for her sons Seth and Kyle to come back to Jesus

Kim and Wayne – pray for their friend Bruce Anderson. He had stroke and they think he will make it. However, there could be serious complications.

Karon – Keep praying for Dave. He is losing more teeth which is not good

Elaine – Pray for Elaine and all the sickness she has been dealing with over the past month. Also pray for Peter as work is getting stressful for him

Dilleys – Pray for safe travel as they head to Minnesota this week

Marlo – Pray for Monica to heal broken ribs, pray for me for no homelessness, pray for Monica and me to help our love be better. I know she still loves me. Pray for us to be married next year. In Jesus name. Amen

Leslie’s Grandma (Leigha’s Mom) – health challenges/ kidney failure & blood cancer

Dorch Family – Praise that Mother-in-law was able to get antibody treatment and symptoms are stabilizing, Katherine is able to enter Stevens as a Freshman, Brian tore something in his shoulder at work that prevents him from lifting – pray for protection for his mind as it will be tempting for him to think he is not helping his family. Things are getting more real as they are packing more.

Bracewells made an offer on a house – review of offers at 5 pm tonight

David’s sister Dani – that God would capture her heart

Marissa – Could I please get some prayers for our dad who’s in the hospital in New ulm Minnesota, we’ve all been praying and it’s working but more prayers would be appreciated thank you. He is 79, got covid turned into pneumonia, his name is John.

John – lost his mom over the weekend

Leanne – pray for my new marriage and obstacles that we are facing

Cindy – pray for Gary

Kristi – Prayers as my husband and I walk through trying to have a baby. Understanding and comfort that God’s will be done and if it does not happen for comfort with that. Our age is a factor but knowing that God is in control and allow us to let go and let God take control.

Julie – My cousin Clint. He is here from Minneapolis to be with his mom on her last day with breast cancer. His mom was in Hospice but Medicaid won’t cover it so she is going home tomorrow. I am praying for a room I can rent for him for December so he has a place to decompress. He took a job at Chili’s and he is looking for a second job to cover his rent in Minneapolis. Please pray for Clint for comfort strength and peace under pressure. Thank you.

Kimberly – I lost my job, after 20 years, as a Nurse due to the vaccine mandate. Prayers for wisdom moving forward.

Susan – Continued prayer for my cousin in the hospital, her family for strength, and for pain relief for me.

Rita – Prayers for the family of Gus who died Monday.

Dodi – I asked as told by Scripture, Reverent to Aba, what He wants me to do. Please pray for the voice of the Trinity to overcome me with truth and purpose. So tired of deciding for myself. God bless and thank you.

Laurie – I’m asking for prayers to bring my friends niece home. She ran away from a treatment facility into the hands of a sex trafficker. She has been missing for 5 months now. No one has seen or heard from her. She is 16 years old.

Kathy – Please Pray for someone close to us in the hospital with COVID in ICU. If he doesn’t improve soon, they will intubate him.

Laurie – travelling for work trips

David – Sister Dani in Pennington County Jail – making poor choices. Will see judge Dec 15. Pray for God to capture her heart

Christian – lost his uncle to covid this weekend, his grandma also currently has covid but is doing ok.

Todd’s parents both have covid

Shooting at the valley bar – it was a murder-suicide. There were kids in the car and one of them witnessed it

Cathee – Potty Training process for granddaughter (on round 3) and the stresses granddaughter is under

Maria – can you keep me in your prayers, my body has a bacterial infection. 😔 and I’m a paraplegic mother

Michelle – she was out of town and her house was burglarized while she was away. They beat her son, Chris and it is a scary situation. Pray for protection around their home and for her and Chris. She also doesn’t have a vehicle to get her anywhere, so pray that she can find some reliable transportation.

Jacqueline – still going through the recent death of her husband.

Jordan – prayers for bringing home a missing cousin, Susan Fast Eagle

Susan – My cousin is still in the hospital since October 28th; recovered from covid, but now fighting double pneumonia. We’re praying for God’s perfect will and that she will recover completely.

Kayla – she has covid and her son is starting to have symptoms

Anonymous – Dear God, please keep everyone safe even if they are going through a rough time. Thank you for everything that you do for us.

Marlo – pray that I find a purpose in life and financial freedom. I’m tired. Being poor is to be humble for God or just be poor.

Elaine & Wendy – both lost their Fathers the week before Thanksgiving

John – My wife Julie as she struggles to confront her sister and attempt to reconcile a strained and broken relationship.

Andrea (submitted Nov 23) – The Bruner & Miller families from Chadron, NE who lost a father & son in plane crash just yesterday.

Parker – Addiction and guidance on how to find someone to talk to

LaVonne – Please pray for our daughter, McKayla. She is in a relationship with a guy who is controlling and manipulating her. He is influencing her into making bad choices and has her going against us. She has drifted from her religion. Please pray for her safety and for her to come back to the Lord. We appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for your prayers.

James is out of the hospital but has a long recovery ahead of him.

Tammy – Could you please pray for my job situation? It appears I will need to find another job and really want God to guide me with this situation.

There is a Kinship family that has been taking care of a friends’ two small children. Mom went away for treatment, and they are beginning to share custody of the kiddos now as she continues to walk out recovery and get some stability. Praise God

One of the kinship families we have just begun working with shared this morning that the mother is in the hospital due to overdose and will likely go to jail from there. Lots of unknowns and they are feeling incredible overwhelmed.

Kimmy – My sister as she received a medical diagnosis today that is life changing and could mean lifelong struggle for her. We are looking into some natural healing for her to improve her symptoms and a second opinion. Also, my daughter is struggling again with her diabetes. Her sugars are unstable and she was almost in DKA (needing hospitalized) as of yesterday. We need her medicine to work. Thank you and God bless.

Lexee – My Papa Glen in Nevada was taken to the hospital last night by ambulance with a case of extreme pneumonia. That came out of the blue. Please pray for him to recover and for our trip there.

Marlo (submitted 11/17) – Mysha, my x girlfriends’ daughter is in the emergency room for having seizures.

Marlo – pray for Christian friends male/female, a Christian girlfriend. Pray for Monica my x and Mysha her daughter that she find Jesus.

Marlo – Pray for me that Monica stop using me for money cuz she is engaged to someone else

Marlo – Pray that my x Monica god heal her pain cracked ribs

Marlo – Pray for a place to live. That my x Monica gave me 30 day notice to move. Pray for me! Emotional stress!

Carol – pray for Keith – lack of sleep, mental breakdown

Kim–pray for Kevin, cousin in Pittsburgh PA having kidney removal due to PKD.

Diane – They experienced a recent miscarriage and need prayers for healing and navigation of this process.

Anonymous – my mom and my dad and my cousins

Samantha – Good morning, I joined Fountain Springs little over 2 years ago. However, since covid hit I’ve only been back physically to church once…. 8 months struggling with pain in my stomach, they found three hernias I’m due for surgery tomorrow morning at 8. I pray for quick healing and the couples and ladies that I take care of I’ve struggled taking care of adequately since my pain started. I ask for prayers for them to keep them safe they are elderly and most have much more health issues than myself. I miss their love and stories Thank you. God bless.

Marta – her aunt Alice Page just found out she has a brain tumor.

Bill went in for his cancer scan and is cancer free in his bladder! He still has to go in once per week for chemo. He still has prostate cancer, but his bladder is clear.

Cara – fighting bad flu and hoping it doesn’t develop bronchitis

Leanne – prayers for her new marriage this month – husband Aaron

Jacqueline – (Ex)husband past away in ICU after car accident on Tuesday morning.

Dianne – Pray for my husband that his interview leads to a job offer, and that we can move back to Rapid City.

Alexis and Rick – prayers for unification – praying that Daisey and Tesheena find comfort in a new forever home and praying for healed hearts.

Jokie – prayers as she recovers from surgery and for her family

Pray for Grandson who needs Jesus in his life and needs to go to treatment for drug addictions. He needs to want to go – pray for continued sobriety for our daughter and her continued spiritual growth – and pray for our wisdom and courage in dealing with these issues.

Lisa & Brian – Praise God their house sold in IL. Pray for housing in Rapid City.

Waitman‘s – 8 year old (Finn) passed away on Sunday after a brain bleed from a car accident

Haefs – Putting their dog down this week.

Bryan – Has Covid and low oxygen, may have to go to hospital

Jacqueline – husband is still in the ICU from a car accident

Lynn – prayers for her husband who has cancer

PJ – prayers for struggling with grief – lost husband a year ago

Erika – prayers for struggling with alcohol for the last 5 years

Susan – prayers for cousin in the hospital with covid and for healing over chronic pain

Kayla – her and son feeling ill this weekend & for her husband who is in a different country right now.

Wanda – A lot going on with my family right now, my brother David found out this week that he has lung cancer. So if you would include him in your prayers I would appreciate it.

Angela – Someone stole my debit card and took my money. They stole everything I had, and I had to file a police report. I’m just hoping to get the money back.

Anonymous – Please pray for my wife and I to be able to walk in faith today. We have suffered many losses over the last two years. 3 miscarriages and the loss of our daughter. We are still believing and trusting in God’s plan for our family. We found out a week ago that we are pregnant again and we are hoping and believing in/for this baby. Please pray that there are no complications. We do our best to put faith over fear each day, but I’d be lying if I said doubt didn’t creep in from time to time based on the past. There is fear and worry but I know God can show is His power. I trust Him. I believe it. Please pray that He gives us strength and courage.

Lexee – We have a dear family friend in the ICU in Utah. He has Covid with pneumonia and a bacterial infection. Prayers that he gets off of the vents soon and his immune system kicks into gear and he is out of the hospital!!

Marlo – That I can find a place to live am being evicted from a friends x girlfriend

Pray for Natalie’s family – Natalie is a toddler who passed away this past week. She had been battling a sickness. Her family is struggling right now.

Brian & Lisa and kids Will (Jr) & Katherine (Fr) in the process of moving from IL. Brian and the kids are in Rapid till Tuesday touring schools. Pray for wisdom for transition.

Please pray for Lisa. Her mom passed away of covid last week and her dad is in the hospital with covid as well as mourning the loss of his wife. Thank you.

Ashley – That we pray every day

Robbin – My sister and her family traveling to Wisconsin for a new life. My uncle who is icu. Thank you.

Kim (submitted 11/3/21) – I am having surgery today. Please pray for the surgeon and his team, as well as for everything to go well. I’m mainly nervous about recovery as it is a long process and can have many complications. So please pray for a smooth recovery with no complications. So please pray for a smooth recovery with no complications and for me to be on the way back to good health. Pray for me to have the strength needed to get through the process without having mental or emotional struggles. I have relied on a lot of prayer through the journey so far and feel good about it all, but today brings some nerves. Thank you.

Laurie- A friends granddaughter has been missing for 4 months. It is suspected she has been trafficked. She is 16 years old. We ask she be brought home to her family.

Gay – A couple of my grandchildren were in a house fire on Friday 10/29. My granddaughter Morgan was life flighted to Regions Hospital burn unit in St Paul with a severe inhalation burn. She remains on the vent and sedate to allow her lungs time to heal. I’m in St Paul with my daughter and Mark is in Sioux Falls helping clean up the mess. Prayers are appreciated for healing and complete recovery. Thank you.

Marlo – pray for my mom’s health – Margaret – a bad heart, a trip to Minneapolis, MN. Pray for a good used pickup, ford, chevy, dodge, a better paying job and health benefits for myself.

Would you please pray for Jason Rhodes who has stomach problems and has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and still no solutions. Also for financial needs. Thanks.

Keep praying for Dave as he recovers from his accident. He has had multiple surgeries to fix his face

Pray for Amy’s family. Her grandfather passed away

Praise – Ricky who was battling Covid is doing better, and he was able to make it home.

Pray for Joyce who is having surgery this week

Pray for George’s sister who is recovering from hip surgery

Anthony – seeking direction

I am joining my daughter, Emily Nelson, and her girls at Sunday services, and also bring the oldest daughter Dahlia to Wednesday night youth group. Emily has given me permission to share a little bit of her current struggle. She was just served papers from the youngest daughter’s father for sole custody. This has caused much anxiety and fear, which also affects their day-to-day life. I’m just asking for extra prayers of comfort for the whole family, and wisdom for Emily, her lawyer, and the judge. Again, thank you for reaching out to both of us. We feel very blessed and welcomed in your church.

Javon – continues to struggle with anxiety. Started counseling last week.

Brad & Suz having dinner Wednesday night with a couple to give some encouragement

Trevin – marriage not doing well. His relationship with God is growing, but his marriage is struggling.

Mahali – John had an unexpected event happen in which he was unable to walk yesterday. We are waiting for MRI results over the weekend but if as a body of believers we could pray and rally around him – that would be awesome. The Lord is mighty (with big plans Jeremiah 29:11.)

Keep praying for Dave who was in a bad accident. Hopefully his recovery goes well

Pray for Amelia – struggling with Master’s Courses and debating dropping classes – pray for time management and wisdom

Leigha & Eric’s mom – undergoing chemo treatments

Keep praying Fawna who may be going to Minnesota to get help with her hip surgery