Prayer Requests

June Prayer Requests

Riggin – Dear Jesus, Please watch over my family everywhere. Amen

Marlo –Pray God clear my debt, credit collections, child support, med bills $75,000. Pray for safe trip to California on Amtrak train. Pray for ¾ gas ford chevy pick up that I can do payments. 

Pray for the clients at Project Recovery – that they may keep having the strength to fight their battles. 

Pray for Rich’s family coming from Mass. For safe travels and a good time 

Cathee – pray for Brandon to go camping with the family this month. And for Chase who needs nasal / septum surgery 6/24. Smooth recovery in all ways. 

Pray for Cindy going to Mayo this week to have brain tumor removed 

Deb’s Aunts passed away – pray for the family as they grieve, especially for an estranged brother – Steve 

Pray for Anna – in hospice and not able to speak now.  

Pray for Cindy as she is battling cancer. Praise that chemo is going well and overall things are going well 

Pray for Donna’s back 

Pray for Wally as he continues to heal from his heart surgery 

Pray for Larry – healing from surgeries 

Pray for the Aldridge family – Family member committed suicide 

Pray for Michael – broken ankle bone and is planning to move July 

Aaron Lillebo family as they continue finishing up chemo treatments and other ailments. 

Pray for Charlene Doorn and her family as she is doing home hospice now. 

Pray for Pat & Pam’s travels and transitions to OK 

Pray for a guy named Landon as he’s dealing with a lot of health issues. 

Youth Missions trip to Guatemala – leaving on Friday 6/21 for a week 

Pray for Crystal recovering from surgery on Monday, and her daughter recovering from surgery last Friday.  

Linda – Pray for my relationship with my granddaughter and for my finances. I feel like my life is not good right now 


Continue to pray for Wally – healing after surgery 

Pray for Beki’s recovery from surgery 

Please keep praying for Linda Schaher – has covid and Parkinson’s disorder.  

Pray for LouAnn who had a stroke 

Pray for Albert 

Marlo – Thankful for God healing my foot and blessings in life. Pray for my dad, Eugene’s health – he’s 88 with diabetes and prostate cancer. Pray for my family and friends. Pray for Kendra and her family. Pray for Financial stress June 15 a trip to California on Amtrak train I can’t afford I pray that 1000 is enough for a week to California. 

Cassidy – intentional time with God and help with rhythms 

Dave – pray for Nathan (a child with disabilities) back in the hospital 

Cathee – Pray that Brandon finds a way to lessen anxiety to leave the house especially this summer. 

Clint Hulsing: I’m a recovering alcoholic struggling after a recent relapse. 

Mindy – My husband and I, and for our upcoming embryo transfer and that if it be God’s will that he would bless us with a child. 

Tamara – My health! My body is fighting against me with everything I eat I’m constantly sick. I have started to see a holistic Dr which is VERY expensive and has added more stress. My other Dr’s refuse to do anymore testing as they don’t see a need and just want to pumps me full of meds i dont want to take. I’ve developed severe food allergies and barely eat anymore. I miss food I miss spending time with my family and I hate being in constant pain. Pray God will help heal me from inside so I can enjoy all the foods I love again and the financial stability to be able to make on time payments along with family bills with my husband and 4 children. 

Tamara – My marriage. We have decided to do a trial separation due to differences we can’t agree on. He refuses to do marriage counseling and I refuse to give up some control in areas of my life. Pray God can get ahold of both of our hearts and start to change us as we are coming up on 9 years. I’m lost and not sure where to go and turn to as I no longer have friends out here due to him not wanting me to have them. We have 4 children and they do not know anything except that mommy and daddy are unhappy. 

Pray for Jayden – was in the back seat of a car accident that ran into an apartment building. Currently in Denver hospital now. 

Pray for Steve and Deb – they are traveling this week