Prayer Requests

September Prayer Requests

My mom has been going through radiation for rectal cancer. Yesterday and today have been hard on her and her body. Please pray for strength to flood her body and her mind! Thank you! 

Ryan M – pray for my father, Eric. He has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF. Pray for his lungs to hold out long enough to get him qualified for a lung transplant, and there is a healthy organ donor available that unfortunately is in an accident, but whose life ending can help further another person’s several more years. Pray for his relationship with God. 

Praise for Dr. Strohm – brain tumors were removed and plans to be back at work in October 

Pray for Deb and Bill as they will be traveling 

Pray for Kenzie – she is battling breathing problems 

Pray for Linda as she has surgery next month. Also pray for her drive for life. She has dealt with a lot these last few years and drive is fading. 

Pray for Elaine as she is healing from leg pain 

Pray for Jon and Bill as they keep looking for a house 

Pray for Cindy as she is with her mom. Her mom is battling cancer 

Pray for the girls at JSC  

Pray for Andrea (Chris’ sister) having surgery Wednesday. 

Anonymous request – My ex didn’t want me, so I left. Please pray I am what he wants and that he pursues me. Please pray God restore our love and let it abide, and bless us 

Melanie – pray for medical issues and for her doctor’s appointments this week 

Pray for groups 

Pray for Thursday night services 

Pray for Cassidy – anatomy scan this week. Hope all is healthy with baby 

Pray Dave – Praise that life is going well 

Praise for Worship Night & 24 Hours of prayer and scripture 

Cassidy – Pray for safety at school and pray for my dad having hernia surgery on Monday 


Pray for Brandon’s anxiety to lessen and that he would be able to be ok being around people and going out into the world again 


I pray that my sister finds a really good friend 


Marlo – Pray for a better, nicer, cheaper, place to live and better paying job. Pray for my foot, knee health. Pray for financial blessings. Pray for me – my health, I’m financially and physically, emotionally stressed. 


Kendall – My sister, that she will encounter Jesus and build a relationship with Him.


Andrea – My boys as they work through their feelings about their dad and the choices he made. Please pray for me for the strength and wisdom to help them through it. 


Samantha – Both of my parents who are currently fighting drug addiction. I am only 13 years old and I have to see what they keep doing to their selfs and their life. I’m praying that god will get them through this addition and even if he has to take them from earth, I just want them to be happy and healthy in a better place and state of mind that they are now 


I have been concerned for some time now that I am being stalked, approached anonymously, and followed online by people I know, and I am afraid and I don’t know what to do. Please pray God give me wisdom, discernment, knowledge and understanding and show me who is and why, and who isn’t that I may be concerned about, and hide me under His wing and protect me. Please pray I feel Gods presence, love and care for me in this and in all things. TY 


Prayers are requested for healing Viola. Healing needs include: depression, split personality disorder, loneliness, loss, and for her body, healing for sleep disorder, and for a broken nose, needs stability and peace, and lift up Cordelia Vogel, heal her mind, heart trouble and family tree.  


Pray for my knee 

Cindy – Praise that all the girls in the Pod came. Savannah was having a tough time tonight — she was sad. It is apparent she has had a really rough life, as she is grieving for her parents and a sibling who are deceased, so keep praying for her in that regard. Pray for the group as Cindy will be gone for 4 weeks as she goes to take care of her mom who is battling cancer. 

Shyanne – Pray for going to treatment. Also pray for my family and for school to go okay. 

Savanna – I pray God takes away my pain. 

Aliahna – I pray for my family. I pray that they’re all good and they got enough food, that they’re warm and they have a roof over their heads. Please pray for my sister Amelia that she’s doing okay down at school. I pray that my sister Melody is good and she’s okay wherever she is. Thank you! 

Layne – Even though we fight, pray for my mom. Pray she sobers up and realizes she has kids to take care of instead of worrying about her man. Pray for my cousin Anthony that he finds peace in himself. Pray for my brother’s mental health. Pray for my little siblings to be safe. Pray they all make it through their pain. 

Phoebe – May you please help ask our Lord if he’ll please help watch over me and my loved ones and help thank him for all the blessings he gave us and for the blessings coming our way. Please help ask our Lord to help heal the wounds of my loved ones nobody knows about including me. Please help ask him to help me get through what I’m going through. Please help ask him to help all of us to get home to our loved ones and have something good come out of our courts coming up. Last but not least could you please ask him help bless all your kind hearts. God Bless you All. Thank you.  

Starla – Pray for my journey. Watch over my siblings, my mom, grandma. Pray for my release on Sept 11 @ 1:30. Pray for my sobriety. Pray I stay on the right path and that God will wisen me, open my heart, and soften it. Pray that my soul remains with the Lord and that I make good choices and that he will open my eyes when I’m blind and that he watches over me and that he will take away this sad and empty feeling I have and that better days will come. Pray he takes away any anger I have and he fills me with joy, happiness, and humbleness and integrity. I also would like to thank him for everything and pray he will forgive me for my sins and hopefully he’ll give me a chance because I know I can do better. Amen. 

Tia – God, give me strength to survive my self-hatred. I don’t care if others hate me but my inner self enjoys it and it gives it the validation to rip me apart without hesitation. I want to actually enjoy myself but I’m a horrible person. Why else did everyone die on me? Anyways, please and thank you. Love, your child, Tia. 

Please help my sister in her mental health journey to overcome her struggles and focus on her strength. 

Pray for job opportunities for Carol. Let God show her what would be a good fit for new opportunities. 

Please pray for Adeline and Carol for new opportunities and blessings for health 

Please help lead my son in the direction he should take in his life for the future 

Pray for my grandma she hurt her leg very much thank you 

Victor – Thanks God for giving me all when I deserve nothing. I love you God.  

Pray for my family – Thank you 

Please help me find an employee that values my talents and skills and has boundaries of good work/life balance 

Pray for my bro and sis in law to come home soon 

Asher – I love you God 

Pray for my friend she is in Alaska 

Brielee- I love you God 

Pray for my baby cousin to fight lung disease 

Pray for Paula Phelps as she is having back surgery today 

Pray for Jon and Bill as they are filling out financial paperwork for a house. Hoping this could be answer to their housing issues 

Pray for Crystal as she is getting treatment this week 

Pray for Cindy’s nephew 

Pray for Ricky as he has tests done in Rochester, MN 

Pray for Rhonda as she has eye surgery on Thursday 

Pray for Deb’s sister who has surgery on her back this Thursday 

Pray for Pam’s cousin Linda as she recovers from surgery 

Anthony “Tony” and his cancer and other diseases 

Josh’s grandmother who is sick. 

Pray for Cindy’s mom who is battling cancer

Kem asked for prayers for his neighbor Darrel. He had a stint placed and then had a stroke 2 days later. Right side impaired and no speech.

Cara wants prayers for some weird symptoms she’s having. She hopes to see the specialist this week.

A girl named Lexi was killed in an accident yesterday. Cara asked for prayers for the family and friends. Cara went to HS with her.

Amanda – I pray for everyone who is struggling out there, eveyone who needs saving, who’s not doing good. I pray everyone’s courts go good.

Shyanne – Pray for treatment, family issues, and sister at college that she can do good.

Aliahna – I’m praying for my siblings. I pray that they’re good and they have what they need, they have food, they’re safe and they’ll see me soon. I’m praying for my sister Keisha to have peace brought upon her and she’s okay where she’s at. I’m praying that I get to go home on ankle monitor rather than having to sit another two months. Please pray for my redemption to come back together so I can be so much more stronger than I am. Thank you. ❤️

Alexys – I want to better myself. I wanna go home and get on my feet. I’m praying court goes good and they let me go home. I turn 18 Monday. I just want to be with my family so pray for good things for my future and court date Tuesday. My grandma needs me and I need to be there. 🙁 I wanna prove and show the judge I’m ready to be home with them, so please give me a chance.

Tia – God, I need your guidance to not let me give into my anger, fear and sadness. My environment is extremely toxic and all these girls are slowly sinking into my flesh. Sometimes I feel like I am going to lose it. Not violence. NEVER. But I’ll cry. 3 years in this place will make you lose control. Please and thank you. Your child, Tia

Savannah – I pray God forgives my sins. I pray God forgives me for what I do wrong. I pray for my mental health. I pray for my heart to heal. I pray God puts me in the right path and I pray he heals my siblings. I pray me and my sisters get along. I pray for my friends and family. I pray I start grieving the right way. I pray for my mom, dad, and sister that God is with them and that they’re in a safe place. I pray for my mind to mature and heart to heal.

Starla – Pray for my family that my mom will get another job and she’ll maintain everything. Pray for my aunty that she’ll stay on the right track. Pray for me that God will enlighten me, soften my heart. Pray my court will go good on the 11th and that I’ll get released please. Pray my little brother Jordan is okay and watch over him and me and my family and my loved ones. Pray that my boyfriend Darrius will come to God and watch over him and make sure he is safe and ok. Pray for me to remain on God’s path. Please and thank you. Pray for me to see through when I’m blind.

Jessinia – Lord guide me, for when I’m blind and dont see the evil and those praying on my downfall. Give me a second chance, for the judge to see I’m for real trying. Watch for my older brother Darrius. Guide him, keep him safe in any and all ways possible. Watch over my Grandma Marvella. Let her know she has all the strength and power. Let my mom feel she’s loved and don’t need a man to make her feel loved. Lord just watch over me and my case, let me feel loved when I feel lonely and feel like giving up.

Phoebe – Please help ask the Lord if he’ll help watch over me and my loved ones. Also if he’ll help let me go home to my family. Please help ask the Lord if he’ll bless me and my loved ones and all of your kind hearts. Please help ask the Lord and my grandma who is also in heaven with our holy Lord if they’ll help heal the wounds my loved ones have that nobody knows about. Please help ask the Lord if he could please bring peace, hope, and joy to all of our and my loved ones hearts, souls, and minds. Thank you! God bless you all

Sherri Bolda-her friend Marie: husband, Larry, died

Brinlee Shackleton: age 5, staph on urine and blood, septic R hip

Charlie, age 9-heart rate won’t go above 40, in hospital