Shine Offering 2022

Our world is asking for help…
we’re answering that call.

As we looked ahead to 2022 we felt that we as Fountain Springs were called to shine bright again but it was time to get hands-on. God is calling us to some amazing things in the area we call COMPASSION this year. Maybe you call it “Outreach” or “Missions” but the meaning is the same – we want to work together to meet practical and physical needs in our community and around the world.

We invited you to come together with us to do just that and partner financially with that goal.

We reached the goal of $200,000 and are excited to see the great things God is going to do!

Your Invitation to Shine Bright!

Where are we at work?

There are so many needs that exist. We have many amazing partners, but they can’t do everything. We want to step into the gaps in our community and across the world to show the love of Jesus through hands-on initiatives. Some ways we will make a difference are things like Saturday Serves, Love Your Neighbor, Kids in Crisis, the Foster Care Supply closet, FSC Mission Trips, addressing Mental Health resource deficiencies, and more…

You are connected to many amazing local partners through FSC. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. We want to partner with and support some of the life-changing local ministries who are working in the Black Hills. There are many powerful ministries but here are a few of the ones we feel called to support: Abbot House, SD Kids Belong, Naomi House, Love Inc, Cornerstone, Fork Real, and Shift Garage

The Global initiatives that are in front of you are equally powerful. One area that is in desperate need is Biblical literacy. Through the mission of “Illuminations”,  we want to help translate the Bible into untranslated languages. Everyone deserves access to God’s words and Illuminations makes that possible. There are missionaries from America and even South Dakota who feel called to take the gospel to people who have never known Jesus – they need our help. Enable the Children in Sierra Leone desperately needs our help to make a difference to hurting children. God is asking us to reach across the globe. Will you join him?